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  1. NAME
The name of the organization shall be Mine Run Volunteer Fire Company, Inc.

The object of the Mine Run Volunteer Fire Company, Inc. shall be the prevention of fires and the protection of life and property from and during such fires as may occur in and near the village of Mine Run, and to assist in the fighting of fires in other localities when called to do so.

(a) New members may be elected from time to time. A proposed member shall be considered by a membership committee of three persons appointed by the President. They shall investigate the proposed member and report his or her name to the membership with a recommendation. Election to the membership shall be by two-thirds majority vote of the members present and voting. Voting shall be by secret ballot. Active membership shall be limited to sixty (60). In the event there are no vacancies for active members, prospective members shall be placed on a waiting list in the order of their application.

(b) Members shall be designated as:
1. Firefighter (required to meet requirements of section 3d. Shall have all membership privileges.)
2. Non-Firefighting Member (are exempt from training requirements of 3., but will help with fund raising and other department activities. Shall have a vote.)
3. Junior Member (same as firefighter, but do not have a vote. Ages between 16 and 18 years of age. Upon turning 18 years of age, a Junior Member may become a voting member by a majority vote of the membership.
4. Life Member (Is to be conferred upon any member after 15 years of good and faithful active service. This is an honorary title, and life membership status will be as defined:
1. Life members who meet attendance and training requirements shall have a vote and firefighter status.
2. Those that do not meet attendance and training requirements may attend functions, but may not vote.

These persons being those who have paid or shall pay $1.00 annual dues in person, and who must attend a minimum of six (6) regular meetings per year. A minimum of two (2) missed meetings may be made up by participating in two other department activities for each meeting missed. A member may request a leave of absence from the fire company. Once a member is dropped from the roll he or she may not apply for membership for a period of twelve (12) months. If he or she is dropped a second time, there will be no re-admission.

(c) Honorary Membership may be granted to any deserving person by 2/3 vote of members present. This title confers non-firefighting status.

(d) A new member, to meet training requirements, must complete Firefighter I of equivalent hours of state training within 24 months of acceptance in Mine Run Volunteer Fire Company, unless the member is accepted as a non-firefighting member. Junior members may be granted exemption by the membership committee.

(e) A member may obtain a waiver of attendance requirements by written application and approval of membership.

The officers of the corporation shall be President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Chief, Assistant Chief, and three Captains.

(a) The President shall preside at all meetings and shall be in charge of the administrative affairs of the company, and shall attend to matters of business that may arise. He shall be in charge of the annual fair and other like projects of the company.

(b) Vice President shall assume duties of President in his or her absence and be in charge of building and grounds.

(c) The Secretary shall keep minutes of all the proceedings of the company, which minutes shall be read at the next meeting and as approved shall be entered upon the permanent record. He or she shall keep an accurate list of all members of the company, their attendance at meetings, and in a suitable book shall keep an accurate account of the annual dues of each member. He or she shall give the active members of the company at least twelve (12) hours notice of the time, place, and object of any special called meetings. He shall carefully preserve all records and reports coming into his possession and turn the same over to his successor in office at the expiration of his term. The secretary is to keep an updated list of active firefighting members with the clerk of the court of Orange County.

(d) The Treasurer shall receive all moneys for the company, except bingo and raffle. Giving his receipt therefore, and deposit the money to the credit of the company in the bank or banks designated by the company and shalldisbursee the same by his checks as treasurer. He shall keep books setting out in detail his accounts and preserve the vouchers for disbursements. He shall make and complete financial reports of the condition of the company at the annual meeting and at such other time as the President may direct. The Bingo Treasurer is the same as the Treasurer except for Bingo and Raffles only.Treasuress shall be bonded. Books shall be audited annually.

(e) The Chief shall have command over the Fire Company and all other persons who may be present at a fire, and may control operations of the company, its apparatus, and of all others, for the purpose of extinguishing the fire, removing things from any building on fire or in danger thereof, guarding the same and suppressing any tumult and disorder, and shall exercise such other authority as is conferred on him by the general laws of the State; he shall have general supervision and charge of all equipment of the company and cause the same to be kept in good condition; he shall have the authority to assign the members of the company to such positions or duties as he thinks best; he shall appoint such subordinate officers and assign the relative grades as in his judgement is properly necessary. It shall be his duty to see that within twenty-four (24) hours after the use of any equipment of the company that the said equipment be put in good and serviceable condition, and returned the the Fire House; he shall have the authority to call out the company for practice at such times as he deems proper, and shall preform such other duties as are usually incumbent on the commanding officer of the Fire Company. He shall hold office until his successor is duly elected by the company.

(f) The Assistant Chief shall perform all the duties of the Chief in his absence, and shall perform any other duties assigned to him by the Chief.

(g) Captains duties shall be assigned by the Chief.

(h) Line Officers must have a Firefighter II status.

The Board of Directors shall consist of the President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer of the Comapny, and three other directors who shall be elected from the membership for staggered terms of three (3) years, that is, at the annual meeting of the membership each year one directorship shall come up for re-election.

(a) There shall be no limitation to the number of terms which any member can serve as an Officer of Director.

(b) The Board of Directors shall assist in the conduct of the administrative affairs of the company and make recommendations to the membership concerning administrative matters.

(a) Regualr monthly meetings shall be held on the first Thursday night of each month. Work sessions or drills will be held once a month or more often if the Chief or Officers feel it is needed.

(b) Special meetings may be called by the Chief or President at any time and shall be called by the Chief or President on the written request of any five (5) active members of the company.

(c) Eight (8) members shall constitute a quorum. At least one officer must be present for a meeting to be held.

(d) The annual membership meeting of the Company shall be on the first Thursday of October of each year at which time the officers shall be elected for a period of one year. New officers are to take office the first meeting in November.

(a) In the absence of the Chief, the subordinate officers shall have charge of the comapny in order of their rank.

(b) It shall be the duty of all active members to assist in carrying out the purpose for which the comapny is created. The member first arriving at the fire house or fire shall assume command until some officer of the company shall arrive and take command.

(c) Before leaving a fire, each member shall report to the officer in command and obtain permission to so leave.

(d) It shall be the duty of each member of the company to conduct him or herself at all times and discharge his duties in and around the fire house in the line of duty so as not to reflect any discredit on the organization. No gambling, drunkenness, profane language or other improper conduct in the line of duty will be tolerated at any time.

(e) For willfull disobedience to any proper order duly issued; or for any conduct bringing discredit to the company, as provided for in article 7 paragraph d, a member shall be subject to suspension up to 60 days, dismissal, or other disciplinary action by order of a committww appointed by company President, consisting of one (1) - Line Officer, ne (1) - Administrative Officer, and one (1) - Senior Member, none of which are related to either party. Any action taken by the committee may be appealed to the membership at the next business meeting.

(f) Any member may file a written complaint with the President of possible violations of Article 7 paragraph d. Upon recieving a written complaint, the President must appoint a committee at the next regular business meeting. The committee shall act by the second business meeting following its appointment.

Amendments may be made to these By-Laws by proposing such amendment at a regular meeting and by affirmative vote of the majority of the members present at the next regular meeting, provided the members present constitute a majority of all active members of the company.